Commercial Pure Hot Water Pole

Window Cleaning System

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So Welcome to Our Web Site home page..We clean windows for: Schools Collages Residential apartment complex's, Care Homes, DIY Stores, Mansions, Office Blocks and other buildings with large areas of glass.


About Us

We have been in the window cleaning trade from the

year 2000.

We can travel to any area between Peterborough and Grantham.





The water fed pole system works by pumping pure water up through a carbon fibre or fibreglass pole on to the glass; this is then scrubbed then rinsed and left to dry naturally to leave a nice streak free finish.

As the windows are washed and cleaned with purified water filtered right down to zero/ppm (parts per million) with a 5 stage reverse osmosis process. Water has been reduced to its natural state it has far more dissolving power, so it literally absorbs the dirt from the glass.

Traditional methods of window cleaning use detergents, which leave behind a residue that allows dirt to stick to it. This system does not leave anything behind and so, glass stays cleaner for longer.





Benefits of the water fed pole system

· Windows stay cleaner for longer

· Ladders so flowerbeds and lawns are undamaged by them.

· No Chemicals so kind to environment

· Previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned

· Minimal intrusion of personal space

· No eye bolts or ladder ties

· No Hydraulic Platforms









                  Please contact Dominic on:


                                     Peterborough 01733 759675









WE USE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY BY USING THE PURE WATER REACH AND WASH POLE SYSTEM FOR CLEANING YOUR WINDOWS CONTACT US on: 01733 759672  or  0771 4596923 E-mail We are based in Peterborough  Grantham, however we also clean windows in the areas below:    As the water has been reduced to its natural state by using a 5 stage filtration system it has far more dissolving power, so it literally sucks up the grime from the glass.  Traditional methods of window cleaning use detergents which leave behind a residue that allows dirt to stick to it.  This system does not leave anything behind and so, glass stays cleaner for longer.                                                                                                                                                                      

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